3 Questions you should always ask your Driving Instructor

Passing your practical driving test in the UK can be a challenge. But, with the right support from a qualified driving instructor, you can confidently get your licence with a few weeks (or months) or practice, based on your skills. If you are a learner in the Manchester area, you are probably already familiar with tens of driving instructors in Manchester, but choosing the right driving school in Manchester and the best driving crash course that suits for your needs is absolutely critical.

Here are the Top 3 questions you should ask your driving instructor…

Where do I need to improve?

It’s not all about what you’re good at. Sorry to break it to you, but there’ll probably be a few things you need to work on too. Your driving instructor will be the best person to give constructive criticism about your driving. Whether it’s roundabouts, your parking skills or observations you need to work on, they’ll let you know.

What happens on the day of the driving test?

You can find out what the driving test will be like reading the DVSA website, but your driving instructor is also one of the best people to ask what will happen on the day. You don’t want any nasty surprises, so make sure you’re clued up on the process. Make sure you get a pen and paper, and ask the driving instructor to give you an end to end overview of the day starting from when you will be picked up from your house, which car will you be using for the test, where will the car be parked, how and when do you check in to the test centre and how will the invigilator from DVSA conduct the test.

Am I ready for my driving test yet?

Before you commit to spending your hard-earned cash on your driving test, you should be able to take a mock test with another instructor. Check with your driving instructor to see if you’re ready for your mock, and they’ll help you get it booked.

Also, we’d recommend asking your driving instructor when the best time to book your practical driving test is because they’re best placed to access your driving ability. You may feel confident and ready, but as a skilled expert in the field who’s helped hundreds of learners, the instructor is best placed to make the right choice.