Passing the Driving Theory Test UK is the first step towards getting a driving licence in the UK. Once you have passed the theory test, you are eligible to book your slot for the practical driving test in the UK. The driving theory test is not mere enabler for the practical test, passing this significant milestone also means you are equipped with the knowledge to be a safe and efficient driver on the toads in the UK. Let’s talk about the three most crucial tips for passing your driving theory test.

Tip # 1: Know the Basics

First, key things to remember:
• Driving theory test is made up of two parts: multiple-choice questions and hazard perception test
• The MCQ part consists of 50 questions of which you must get at least 43 right
• The hazard perception test is a case study based exam in which you will be presented with videos, animations or photos of real-world road situations and you will need to identify hazards
• You have to pass both sections of the exam to pass
• You can not pass the hazard perception test by random mouse-clicking on the screen – contrary to popular belief

Tip # 2: Get down to reading

A lot of people make the mistake of skipping the books and going straight to practising mock exams of theory tests online. Don’t do that. Your safety on the road is important. As much as you want to pass the theory test and move on, this knowledge will help you throughout your life. Call Impulse Driving School, which is an established driving school in Manchester and provide driving lessons in Manchester and they can assist you with reading material. There are lots of books available on the market and we recommend starting with the latest published version of DVSA Official book. The rules and regulations keep changing so an out dates book might have incorrect information. It is important you get the latest information, read through the book to equip yourself with the knowledge. Get a highlighter to mark key points and use a little notebook to keep notes for revision later.

Tip # 3: Practice Hazard Perception Test and Take Mock Exams

There are lot of apps available online which help you practice the hazard perception test. Don’t risk it to last minute and spend time to practice these scenarios online. We recommend you spend at least 5-10 hours on these practice sessions to gain confidence. You should also make sure to leave atleast two days before the driving theory test for revision. Use these days to revise, refresh your memory referring back to your notes or looking back at the book.

Finally, take some mock exams online a few day before the test to see how well prepared you are.

We hope you found this helpful. Impulse Driving School is the most affordable driving school in Manchester. We provide driving lessons in Manchester and the surroundings.