Getting a driving licence was never easy but changing
regulations means its getting tougher. While a qualified and experience driving instructor can make your journey to getting a driving licence in the UK much smoother, there are things you need to consider to make it an enjoyable experience. Here are our top five tips to get a pass your driving test in the UK.

1. Learn to drive in different conditions

When it comes to your practical driving test in the UK, there are some things under your control. For example, you can choose what day of the week you want to take the test and what time of day. This helps you choose a slot when the roads are expected to be less busy than usual. However, there are things you can not control so its best to be prepared and practice for all conditions. On the day of your practical driving test, it could rain, there could unusual traffic or pedestrians, there could be a traffic incident or jam on the road. Therefore, it’s best you get your bases covered and practices in all conditions. With Impulse Driving School, our friendly driving instructors provide affordable driving lessons in Manchester and will support you to practice in various conditions.

2. Listen to your instructor


We have a highly qualified team of experienced driving instructors in Manchester who have a 87% pass rate for their students, know the local area really well and are there to guide you. They will be able to tell you what day and time to book the test, what skills to focus on and what areas are you weak on so you can concentrate and nail that test down. Our second top tip is to listen to your DVSA Approved driving instructors when taking driving lessons in Manchester.

3. Go over your theory again


Great, you have passed your driving theory test – that’s one item ticked off the list. Once it’s done, it’s tempting to leave it behind and focus on practical driving test but this theory test is a part of the process for a reason. We recommend you keep your memory fresh and time and again refer back to theory to use that knowledge on the day of the test. Impulse Driving School provides driving lessons in Manchester with the aim of ensuring you put your theory knowledge to test on the road with our friendly driving instructors.

4. Work on your observation skills


Its easier said than done but safe driving and passing your practical driving test is all about being observant of the rapidly changing conditions on the road. Keep looking in the rearview mirror, don’t forget about the side mirrors and keep a tab on the blind spots. Sure you have two eyes only but this skill is critical to passing the test. Talk to your driving instructor on how to stay alert and not lose attention. Driving Lessons in Manchester can be difficult because of busy roads but with a friendly instructor, you can be at ease.

5. Practice your test routes


Finally, your practical test is not about roaming the whole city. Your driving instructor knows the local area and will help you focus on possible driving test routes which can be used on the day of your test by your invigilator. DVSA Approved driving instructors at Impulse Driving School will help you choose the right centre to book the test and while providing driving lessons in Manchester, they will ensure you practice on potential test routes so you are familiar with the route on the day of your test.