Driving Instructors in Manchester

Our primary company goal is to make you a responsible and professional motorist!

The thought of learning to drive in one of the UK’s largest and busiest cities can be a daunting one. In order to embark on such a learning journey, knowing that you will experience umpteen number of obstacles and challenges, means that you will need a specialist tutor to help guide you through learning the dynamics of driving in such a metropolitan city. Manchester, with its varying speed zones and vastly different types of roads, requires both skill and patience to manoeuvre through.

Here at Impulse Driving School, our vision is to engage with as many new motorists as possible and train them with our best practices to transform them into reliable and efficient drivers, who respect the laws of the road. All the instructors provided by Impulse Driving School are fully licenced ADI’s and go through strict training before training students. We seek only the most professional and patient tutors so that our students get the best chance at learning to drive the right way.

One of the other goals at Impulse Driving School is to ensure that we prepare our students with all the tools and knowledge they need to pass the Manchester City Driving Test along with instilling confidence and promoting safety in driving. Students who pass the driving test from our driving school make competent drivers who will be ready to handle all types of road, in any condition, in any part of the world.

Duties and Responsibilities

Impulse Driving Instructor’s are responsible for agreeing availability and booking lessons and the driving test at a time that is convenient for the both of you. You will be taught in line with the highway code, all traffic rules and be given guidance about using and implementing safety driving procedures. Your driving instructor will give you clear and concise instructions so that you keep your fear of driving at bay whilst you are sitting in the driving seat.

Prior to leaning how to practically drive a car, you will be taught all theory related modules, which you will then be guided through to put into practise on the road. Your learning will range through all core modules required to face the road, starting with the basics of how to use and understand gears, speed control, how to manoeuvre your steering wheel and parking techniques. These are a few of the most important foundations that will build your driving knowledge.

Once you have perfected these strategies to the satisfaction of your driving instructor, and you are confident in all your manoeuvres, you will be put into the driving test seat. Remember that your driving abilities will only stretch as far as your confidence pushes you, so building confidence in your driving technique is key to passing. There are never any wrong questions when you are learning to drive, and our instructors will always encourage you to ask questions rather than assume what you think might be correct.

The Key Personality Traits of Our Best Driving Instructors in Manchester

What attributes do the best driving instructors in Manchester have?

We believe that the key to developing strong minded and safe drivers is down to the expertise and effectiveness of the driving instructor. It is key for your driving instructor to be suitably qualified and approved by the Driving Standards Agency so that you can be sure you are in the safest set of hands whilst you learn to drive. In addition to this, it is vital that your driving instructor has a substantial amount of experience in teaching so that they are able to cater to the needs of the various types of learners that they experience.
We make it our business at Impulse Driving School to ensure that we handpick only the best and most effective driving instructors. Prior to taking on any driving instructors, we are very particular about the level of experience that our instructors join us with. We additionally are particular about the amount of experience they have in teaching learners to drive in the area of Manchester, since the city has a vast ranging number of road types. We take our driving instructors through the strictest range of training modules before they are approved to teach our clients.

Our previous and existing clients are witness to our testament that we provide only those driving instructors who have passed our internal procedures which are to a very high standard of training and assessment. Please do ensure that you read our client reviews to illustrate just how happy our client base is with us. Learning to drive with Impulse Driving School will leave you equipped to drive in any type of road and within in country on the globe. If you have any particular areas of concern or would like to learn any particular manoeuvres, please do not hesitate to request from your driving instructor.

Here are the top traits that we look for in our driving instructors, we would advise that you look for this also in your instructor.


The number one top quality for all types of trainers of teachers. Patience is the basic bread and butter characteristic of any type of tutor, this is to combat the nervousness and uncertainty that most learners experience when learning a new subject. You don’t want to be stuck with an instructor who loses their patience every time you make a small mistake or when you take an action that you are not meant to. We understand the importance of our instructors maintaining a healthy level of patience when teaching new learners and the key to this not losing temper and not getting frustrated with small mistakes. Our instructors will always speak to you with respect and level of professionalism and politeness that you should expect as standard.

Good Communicators

Communication is the key to creating and maintaining any form of relationship. Our instructors are tested on their level of communication and we make it our business to ensure that all our instructors are able to communicate with individuals of all levels. We understand that English may not be the first spoken language of many of our students and so our instructors are taught to ensure that they use only the most basic and common terms of English so as to keep the learners able to understand what is required of them.
Your instructor will always give you clear and concise instructions and ensure that you are clear on what is required of you before you make your manoeuvre. Remember that if you do not understand what you need to do, you must not feel that you cannot ask your instructor, you must be open and honest with both your instructor and yourself, so that you both achieve the results you want.

Friendly Nature

It is important to stay friendly and down to earth for our instructors. Keeping an open mind and a level of politeness will allow even our most reserved and anxious learners to open up. Only when you open up will you be in a position to let go of your fear and nervousness. The ability to learn has a great and complex relationship with the psyche of the mind. Only when our instructors are able to make you feel comfortable and relaxed will you be able to ease up enough to allow your mind to learn. It is important for our driving instructors to keep a friendly and pleasant atmosphere while you are in the driving seat so that you can feel relaxed enough to absorb the new skills required to learn and understand how to drive and tackle the road.