Are you one of those drivers who have been away from the road for quite some time?

Did you use to drive but then had to give up for some reason? Maybe you had some medical issues, or you didn’t have a car anymore.

If you have a driving licence but have not driven for quite some time, it’s natural you will feel less confident about your driving skills. However, there’s nothing to worry about – it comes naturally to all of us and we are here to help. Impulse Driving School Manchester have designed a special course just for you and we call it Refresher Driving Lessons.


What is the Refresher Driving Course?

The Refresher driving course is an opportunity for those who already have a driving licence, but have not been driving for some time, or just need a lesson on regulations and legislation on the road again. They are aimed at refreshing your memory and give you your confidence back.


Why Refresher Driving Course?

Regulations about driving change all the time, and if you have not been driving, you will feel out of touch. It is a great idea to take a Refresher Driving Lesson every year for these reasons:
• Learn about new driving rules and laws
• Learn about changes on the road landscape
• Remind yourself of good practices of safe driving
• Boost your confidence level on driving skills if you are coming back after a break in driving


How does Refresher Driving Course work?

Call Impulse Driving School and one of our friendly instructors will help you understand the process and happily tweak the course to meet your needs. Usually, this is a one hour course. If you have already had a chance to hit the road but feel anxious at the thought of getting back out there? That’s where Impulse Drives comes in, our instructors take pride in their teaching strategies and will ensure that you re-build and boost your confidence before test day! Refresher courses are available for both Auto and Manual transmission type cars.