How can we help you?

For intensive courses, the reservation charges are £150. The rest of the payment will be made on the first day of training. 
Our course assessment will provide you a chance to check up your existing skills with the help of our experienced instructors to choose the suitable course for your driving test.  
If you need to clear your test as early as possible and you are out of money, we provide you an opportunity to pay the fees in installments where you don’t have to borrow from any source. 
Our instructors are known to be polite and patient even in worse conditions. We keep a check by evaluating their behavior regularly. If you are tense about driving, our instructors will specially focus on your weak areas to help you accomplish your test. 
Impulse driving school will help you pass your practical driving test with your period of time by taking one of our wide ranges of intensive and extensive courses. We have experienced and expert DVSA approved driving instructors who will understand your weak points and help you accomplish your driving test. 
It depends upon the person’s ability to grab the instructions, as we are different from one another in terms of age, confidence, fear and health conditions. According to DVSA, An average can learn driving in 47 hours of training. 
Within one year, you have three attempts to pass the car driving test. If you would not be able to clear the test three times in a year, you have to try for it the next year by applying for it another time.

To start your journey for car driving in the UK, you should at least be of 17 years old to take the driving seat. 

Impulse driving school has some resources to come across test cancellations that take place in DVSA. It can help you find the earliest date, that is, within the time period of one to three weeks with the money back guarantee. 

If you would not be able to pass the test, you can take another attempt after waiting for ten days. Meanwhile, you can join another course from our intensive courses to improve your weak areas of driving.

Impulse driving school is a driving school based in Manchester, Cheetham hill, Blackley, Crumpsall, Harpurhey, Moston, Salford, Newton Heath and Prestwisch which provides wide range of courses for your learning.

Even if you have booked your test, Impulse driving school is providing a chance to book your test within the time of one to three weeks with our advanced resources.

Even if you have not passed your theory test, Impulse driving school provide you an opportunity to choose a course from our variety of courses to your practical driving test.

Impulse driving school will not provide you with any guarantee of success in your practical driving test. However, our experienced instructors are proficient to give make you a confident driver within your required number of days.

We have our active presence on all social media platforms to keep you updated about our course prices and other information about practical driving.