If you are a first-time learner and looking for a driving instructor and lived in Gatley which is a suburban area in the town of Cheadle. You have come to the right place. At impulse driving, we offer driving lessons from which you can learn driving easily and in affordable rates.

And if you are interested in taking up some enhanced driving lessons or Intensive Car lessons in Gatley. Try our course recommender or book now one of our driving lessons and get ready to test your skills on the road.

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Studies showed the many of the accidents these days occur from driver error. So we recommend you to gain some driving experience on the local motorway network first, which will significantly reduce the risk of issues or hesitations in the future.

We provide high-quality driving training in Gatley who puts your needs first. Because the driving test has had so many changes over the past few years and we also keep updated ourselves and provides you not only the training but also help you to pass your driving test. Which are your main concern from us?

We look after you so you will always look forward to your driving lesson and come back for more. Every driving lesson you should take, you have come away with a “New skill” learned.

We are a driving school that does not waste your time and money and gives you service as you deserve. So book now and take charge of the driving seat.



Accomplishing your driving goals through affordable means!