One of the most common question asked by learner drivers is how many driving lessons do I need to pass the test. There is no simple answer to that question but let’s break this down.

Driving Lessons are usually one hour long, but can be two to four hours as well if you are taking a crash course. A driving course is overall aimed at preparing you for the practical driving test in the UK and should cover quite a few things. To make it simple, how many driving lessons you need depend on these factors:

Your previous driving experience

The single most important factor to determine how many driving lessons you will need is what driving experience you already have. You may be a seasoned driver with a driving licence from another country and now aiming to get a driving licence in the UK. Similarly, you may have previously taken some driving lessons in the UK and had to drop off for some reason in which case you will need to refresh your skills. In the former case, you may be a seasoned driver but the rules and regulations in the UK, as well as driving conditions, can sometimes mean you have to go through some unlearning and will still need a significant amount of time in driving lessons. If your previous lessons were years ago, that experience is likely lost and you need to start fresh.

The test centre where you will take your practical test

Not all test centres and their driving test routes are equal. Some test centres, especially those based in town centres, can be tricky. The routes they take may pass through busy roads, from near schools, shopping districts or train stations. If you plan to take your practical driving test in some of those areas, you need to dedicate a few driving lessons to cover those scenarios as well. Impulse Driving School offers specialised Driving Lessons in Manchester City Centre and can help you prepare for your driving test in no time.

Your pace of learning

There’s no perfect learner – every learner has their own pace of learning and you do not need to compare yourself with a friend who passed the first time, or a colleague who passed after five lessons. Stick to the instructions given by your driving instructor, have faith in your abilities, keep polishing your driving skills and you will get there. The pace at which you acquire driving skills will determine how many driving lessons you need in Manchester so hang in there and do not rush.

Your knowledge of driving theory test

Once you have passed the driving theory test, it may be tempting to leave that behind but trust us, that theory is important. It’s there for a reason – you will need that knowledge in tricky scenarios on the road. Once you start taking your driving lessons in Manchester, make sure your memory is fresh with that driving test theory. Impulse Driving School offers driving lessons in Manchester through experienced DVSA approved driving instructors who will make sure you stay in touch with that driving theory.

Your driving instructor

And finally, your driving instructor in Manchester is key to your journey towards driving licence in Manchester. A friendly and experienced driving instructor, who knows local routes and best practices will prepare you for success on driving test in no time. Impulse Driving School offers driving lessons in Salford and driving lessons in Manchester through some of the most experienced driving instructors who boast an 87% pass rate. Our instructors will guide you through the process and help you make the decision when are you ready for test without you wasting any time or money.