HOW TO Guide to get a Driving licence in UK

There are several stages to obtaining a UK driving licence. We have split them into three parts below:

PART ONE: Provisional Driving licence

Apply for your first provisional driving licence

To apply, please click here:…

If you decide to apply via a postal application, the process will take up to 3 weeks and you can do that through a local Post Office.

Please note that you will need to apply for a provisional driving licence before you can start driving lessons and apply for your theory test.

PART TWO: Take the Theory Test

Take the theory test – but you have to book your test before you can appear. The test lasts less than an hour and includes answering MCQ questions and a hazard perception test on a computer.

For more information, please click here:

To book your theory test, please click here:

You will need to pass your driving theory test first before applying for your driving practical test.

The driving theory test is valid for two years only which means that you will need pass your practical driving test within the two years validity.

PART THREE: Take Practical Test

Take the practical test

For more information, please click here:…

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Your driving instructor will be able to advise you as to when to book your practical driving test. The driving instructor will teach you using their own car.  I hope you found this information useful. If you have any further questions, please let us know.