Terms and Conditions

1. If the candidate wants to cancel the practical driving test, he would have to apply for the cancellation prior to five working days. Otherwise, he will not get refunded. 

2.  The provisional using license must be valid from both United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Picture ID is compulsory if you are using your old provisional license.

3. Candidate must be able to visualize from 67ft (20.5m), in case if he has to wear contact glasses or lens, he must wear them daily while driving.

4. The course will be cancelled if the candidate is found under the influence of drugs by the consultant instructor of Impulse driving school.

5. In case if you are confused about the residency necessities laid down via the DVSA, contact them before the reservations.

6. All the candidates are expected to behave in a good manner. Any abusive action will not be endured and cause the cancellation of your driving course.

7. The practicing cars should be used with carefulness. Any hateful damage should be paid for by way of the candidates accountable.

8. The waiting time would be considered as organizing travelling time.

9. Impulse drive doesn’t give you the surety of the DVSA driving test according to your requirements.

10. The amount will not be refunded if the candidate is not able to understand the instructions, even if every effort is made by the driving instructors.

11. Impulse drive would not be responsible for the cancellation charges of DVSA test. In this condition, all lawsuits are merely with the DVSA, and must be completed to them alone.

12. If you are not contented with your driving classes, you can make a complaint to the booking office of Impulse driving school by making a call or sending us an email.

13. You should book the test when your instructor approves you to be on the test standard. The test should be cancelled if the instructor is not satisfied with your preparatory skills.

14. We give you the right to stop your driving course if you find the instructor under the influence of crime or alcohol.

15. You would be charged with the whole fees if you do not cancel the test prior the 48 hours of reservations.

16. Impulse driving school would not be held responsible if your driving test get cancelled or postponed by DVSA.

17. In case of adverse weather situation or any unhandled circumstances, 50% of the regular rate would be refunded.

18. If the candidate wishes to book that time again which got wasted because of the inconvenience, a 50% discount could be implemented. No refund would be made if the client does not re-book the mislaid time.

19. If the candidate doesn’t follow the instructions properly, it would not be good in the favor of him. The instructions would become non-compliance.

20. The prices for the block booking will be non-refundable. Any chargeable from the side of instructor driver would not be considered by Impulse driving school.

21. All unique courses are particularly designed for beginners and are completely non-refundable. If you want to change your instructor, the special offer would not be valid, as you have to stay with the same instructor from the beginning to the end.  

22. Upon cancellation of practical driving test, only the booking charges of DVSA would be refunded. 

 23. If the candidate don’t take the driving lesson for uninterrupted three weeks and came back, he would be allowed to take the course but his two hours reservation before the practical driving test would be cancelled.

24- Once a learner has booked the beginners special course, the learner must take 2 hour lessons per week. If the learner does not take any lessons in 3 weeks then the course will not be valid.

25- In regards with Block Booking, once booked the learner must take 2 hour lessons per week. If the learner does not take any lessons in 3 weeks then the course will not be valid.

26- All of our Instructors are self-employed. We are not responsible for any loss or inconvenience caused amid yourself and the instructor. You are provided with an opportunity to pay your fee in installments, as per the agreement signed by you and the instructor. £150 would be charged for the booking of any Intensive Course.