Intensive Courses save you money and time!

An Intensive Course is ideal for those who are in a rush to get ready for the driving test. We can get clients ready in days or in a week or two weeks. It all depends on past experience and learning capability. We can arrange an Instructor within your area to start your training. The Intensive Course provides clients with consecutive lessons and back to back feedback. So not only will you learn quicker you will be saving your money too. We highly value our clients time and money.

Lessons will be planned out according to the instructors diary and the clients availability. Our prices are highly compatible and beneficial as we provide a variety of services within the course. If you are unsure how many hours of Intensive training you need then we can get one of our team members to give you more information or alternatively we can book you in for an assessment lesson with one of our DVSA qualified instructors who will assess your driving skills and then determine how many hours of Intensive Training you will require to be test-ready. Our first time pass rate percentage is 87%! This is comparatively high compared to other high end companies.

Once an individual completes the Intensive Course there is a high chance of passing first time. Within the course we include the booking of the learners fast track practical driving test, pick up and drop off to any suitable location within Manchester or Greater Manchester and the hire of the instructors car for the test. So as you can this benefits the learner! We have our best interests for all our clients. All we ask initially is a small deposit of ?150 which will be deducted from the course price. This is to secure your booking and to book your fast track practical driving test. The rest of the payment can be made in instalments via a payment plan that we will create for you or alternatively you can pay the rest of the money in one lump sum, the choice is yours. So if you feel you have what it takes to learn in days or weeks? Don?t fret! Give us a call and we will book you in for a consultation.

So, Intensive Courses not only save you time but also money as you would be driving intensively in a limited span of time exposing you to challenges on the road and getting great practice in lesser number of lessons as you would on by-hour packages.