Impulse Driving School has been providing driving lessons in Manchester City Centre for several years. We have a track record of serving hundreds of pursuits of a UK Driving Licence in the Greater Manchester area and enjoy an 87% pass rate. Over the last few years, many of our students have taken driving lessons in Manchester City Centre and passed the first attempt. However, we continue to get the question if it is harder to pass a driving test in the city centre? Let’s explore that question in this blog.
First, it is important to note that the reason this question is asked is because of the perception that city centre is busier with lots more traffic than other areas. While that is true, it is also important to know that based on the time of the day, almost any part of the city can be as busy as the city centre. At peak rush hours like school pick and drop times, office opening and closing times or closer to the weekend, not just the city centre but all parts of the city can see a lot more traffic.

We recommend working with your DVSA approved driving instructor to find the ideal area and time for your practical driving test. Impulse Driving School has a team of highly qualified DVSA approved friendly driving instructors offering driving lessons in Manchester City Centre. Our team of driving instructors have been operating in Manchester City Centre for several years and have unparalleled knowledge of the roads, test routes, trick questions and can help you with the gotchas equipping you to nail the test on the first attempt.

We also recommend opting for an Intensive Course instead of Pay As You Go lessons. While the PAYG option may look cost-effective, but based on hundreds of students we have worked with, you always end up saving money with an Intensive Course in Manchester City Centre. The Intensive Course is designed to help you put a cap on the budget for driving lessons, offer you free pick and drop for your lessons, saves you money by offering you priority test booking so you do not have to wait for months to book a test and finally we can also pay for your car hire on the day of the test.

We recommend the condensed form of learning so you can learn quicker, retain the knowledge, spend more time on the road and not forget about key road lessons by expanding your lessons over weeks or months. An Intensive Course, paired with two-hour lessons will make sure that you are spending more time on the road and learn quicker.

We understand that the cost of Intensive Courses may look steep for some learners, and therefore, we offer payment plans for everyone. You can either pay the full fee upfront, can opt to pay in monthly instalments splitting the free in three, six, nine of twelve instalments. Finally, if your credit ratings do not allow for instalments, we also offer 0% APR Deposit scheme where you only pay a small deposit to start you lessons and then continue to pay your instructor weekly as you continue your driving lessons in Manchester City Centre with Impulse.