Refresher (Manual) – 1 Hours


Whether it’s drive, or go to the shopping, or taking the children out for a picnic, travel from a car is an important and essential part of personal and family life for millions of us. It is a facility for us but there is a problem too that there are hundreds of other drivers on roads today. And if you didn’t have driving skills and proper traffic sense you will never enjoy your outing because you get confused, tired or become stressful.

Here comes the Refresher Manual driving Course, which helps you to become a self-confident and better driver. When you are out in the traffic you know the rules and never become frustrated drivers because of the traffic.

Ideal Candidates

  • This offer is for those who have already passed the driving licence.
  • Have previous driving experience.
  • Feeling nervous to hit the road again.
  • Who needs to regain the confidence to drive again.


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