The complete guide to your driving test in Salford

Are you thinking about getting a UK driving licence? You have reached the right place then. In this blog, we will provide you a complete guide on getting your driving licence in Salford. So grab a cup of tea and let’s break this down for you.


Step 1: Book Driving Theory Test

You need to have passed the driving theory test in order to appear for the practical driving test in Salford. You will need to go to the DVSA website and find a slot and location in Salford which works for you. You will pay the test fee and a slot will be booked for you. On this date and location, make sure you reach the centre about 30 mins before time leaving enough time to manage the logistics e.g. putting your mobile phones, wallets and personal belongings in the lockers provided.


Step 2: Prepare for Theory Test

You want to ace the theory test, not just because it is a pre requisite for the practical test but also before the knowledge you gain from this and skills you acquire will help you long term become a safe driver on the road. You can get the DVLA official driving theory test book or app, or simply speak to one of the friendly instructors at Impulse Driving School who can guide you on how to prepare best.

Remember that theory test has two parts: a MCQ part and a hazard perception part.


Step 3: Book Driving Lessons

Call Impulse Driving School who have DVSA approved, highly qualified, experienced and friendly driving instructors in Salford. These instructors know the local routes in Salford and the area so well that they will prepare you for the driving test in Salford in no time.

Ask about our Beginners Special or Intensive Driving Courses which are aimed at fast tracking your journey to getting a driving licence in Salford.


Step 4: Take Driving Lessons

Make sure you have agreed a suitable time slot with your driving instructor and stick to the routine recommended by the instructor. The instructors at Impulse Driving School have your best interest in mind at helping you pass driving test in Salford. Listen to their advice and recommendations on how many lessons you need per week and what times are best for you.

Based on your level of experience, complete 20 to 40 hours of driving lessons in Salford before attempting for the driving test.


Step 5: Take the Practical Driving Test

Your friendly Impulse Driving School Instructor will pick you up on the date of the test and will offer free car hire for the day of test as part our cost-saving Intensive Courses. Your instructor can sit with you in the car while you take the test if you would like them to see how you do and provide you feedback later on – that’s your call.

Be confident, but not over confident. Be respectful of all road users and keep your concentration on the road.

Good luck, and give us a call today to find out more about our Intensive Courses designed to help you save time and money for driving test in Salford.