According to the dictionary definition, a crash course in any subject, topic or discipline is classified as a short course where a candidate is taught the key facts and skills required to do a job or complete a task. A crash course in driving, or as we call it here at Impulse Driving School; an Intensive Driving Course, is based around this principle. Impulse Driving School is a driving school in Manchester based in and operating throughout Greater Manchester and Manchester City Centre.
With the Intensive Driving Courses taught at Impulse Driving School we take the key topics and modules as required by law, mould them into driving lessons as set out by the Driving Standards Vehicle Agency and condense it down to be delivered at a quicker learning pace for the candidate.
Intensive driving courses as best suited to those individuals who have a requirement to learn how to drive at a quicker pace than the average learner. According to a major British Newspaper, the standard learner requires an average of 47 hours to learn how to drive, this is in addition to 22 hours of driving practise on the road, prior to taking the driving test.
The beauty of the Intensive Driving Course, or the Driving Crash Course is that you can be transmitted the same amount of knowledge transfer within as little as few weeks, depending on your commitment and availability.


– There are no specific pre-requisites for taking on an intensive driving course here at Impulse. New beginners will require a minimum of 30 hours and slightly more experienced drivers will be advised between 10 and 20 hours. Your driving instructor will advise you based on your existing knowledge base and requirements
– You must be committed to providing good availability for your lessons, Impulse Driving School always encourages a minimum of two hours per lesson to ensure that your learning potential is maximised.

Course highlights:

– Courses are available in increments of 10 hours, 20 hours, 30 hours and 40 hours
– The course fee includes: 1) Stated number of hours on the course package, 2) fee for the car hire on the day of the test and 3) driving test fee
– Impulse Driving School will take responsibility for arranging and booking your fast track practical driving test within the fee of the course
If you are looking for a crash course in Manchester, we are one of the top-rated driving schools in Manchester, please check out our Courses page for more information on booking your intensive driving course today.